Types of Massage

Massage Therapy is becoming more and more popular.  But if you have not had a massage before, it is hard to know what you need.  Read the info below and if you still have any questions, then call us on 040 886 0486 and we will help you decide.

Remedial Massage

To put it simply, remedial massage is the use of specific techniques to improve the function of the soft tissues of the body – the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.  So if you have a sore back, suffer from headaches, are recovering from a car accident, or have an overuse injury, then this is what you need.

You should expect your therapist to:

  • do some testing done before the massage starts,
  • treat the specific area/s causing your problem,
  • give you advice about habits or activities that might be aggravating your problem, and
  • give you stretches to add to the benefits of the massage.
Sports Massage

This massage style can be used to help you recover from an injury, to train more effectively and to compete better.  You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits!

Pregnancy Massage

Starting to get a sore back or are your legs feeling the strain?  Then massage can help at all stages of your pregnancy.  We can still get you comfortable on the massage table right up to 36 weeks!

Therapeutic Massage

This is a combination of remedial and relaxation massage, where you might want some remedial treatment on 1 area that is bothering you, but then just to relax for the rest of the time.

Relaxation Massage

This is what you want if you just want to chill and forget the stress of modern life for awhile.  Gentle flowing and soothing techniques are used to relax you both physically and mentally.

Choosing the right appointment times for your massage

Not sure how long an appointment you should book?  Then read on for a general guide.  Check with us when booking if you are still not sure.

30 minutes

This is just long enough for a relaxing back massage, or for a straightforward remedial treatment on 1 specific area of the body.

45 minutes

This is the right amount of time for a more complex remedial treatment on 1 specific area of the body, and relaxation massage of 2 areas, eg back and legs or back and arms. It is also perfect if you have only get an hour for lunch!

60 minutes

One hour is the standard time for a full body relaxation massage.  It is also a good amount of time for a complete remedial treatment of 1 or 2 areas of the body.

90 minutes

This could be a very pleasant full body relaxation massage with time for treats like extra on the hands and feet.  It is also perfect for a complex remedial massage of a chronic condition or where 2 or more areas of the body are affected.