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About Ultraflex

Ultraflex is your preferred partner for high-performing digitally printable textiles and flexible substrates. Our comprehensive inventory helps businesses create flexible, durable and show-stopping soft signage, building wraps, banners, floor and wall coverings, tradeshow graphics, digital fine art reproductions and more. Our materials are reliable and consistent, and our team members are too. We are fiercely committed to helping customers solve problems and deliver media that successfully sell products, tell stories and deliver meaningful messages to audiences everywhere.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the world’s largest, most reliable and compliant inventory of digitally printable textiles and flexible substrates. We are passionate about solving customers’ problems and offering tailored, superior solutions that meet ever-evolving market demands.

HP Latex Certified

We have hand-selected a versatile and diverse range of products for the HP Latex certification program including front-lit banner vinyl, blockout banner vinyl, vinyl mesh with liner, repositionable fabric, art-canvas, earth-friendly fabrics and wallpaper.

These products have been tested and certified for their superior compatibility HP Latex printers.

■メーカーStreet Ride/ストリートライド■品番SR-H503■商品名TYPE-K2■アイテム名減衰力固定式車高調■自動車メーカーHONDA/ホンダ■車種N BOX/N BOXスラッシュ■型式JF1■年式15.01·■型番■駆動方式FF■スプリング(バネレート kgf/mm)F5.0■スプリング(バネレート kgf/mm)R2.2■推奨車高(ノーマル比 mm)F-35■推奨車高(ノーマル比 mm)R-35■車高調整可能範囲(ノーマル比 mm)F-80·+25■車高調整可能範囲(ノーマル比 mm)R-65·-15■備考F:純正アッパーラバーシート·ベアリング必要<br>R:純正ショックブッシュ必要<br>※車高調整可能範囲は、計算上調整できる範囲となります。車高、路面状況、タイヤサイズ等の要因により、実際の使用が困難な場合があります。保安基準を順守の上、適正な車高に調整してください。■納期メーカー取り寄せ品の為、通常2·4営業日以内に発送致します。,Street BOXスラッシュ Ride ストリートライド BOX/N TYPE-K2 JF1 減衰力固定式車高調 N BOX/N BOXスラッシュ JF1 :sr-h503-qq-e-184:車楽院 ショッピング店【最安値に挑戦】!!【最高品揃え豊富】!!
What's New

Ultraflex Systems, Inc. is proud to be preferred partner for high-performing digitally printable textiles and flexible substrates. With a commitment to progress, quality and product development, Ultraflex strives to provide customers with a diverse range of products and services. We are proud to share with you what is new at Ultraflex Systems.

Product Spotlight
MultiTex ® S285

MultiTex ® S285 is an 8.4oz. multi-purpose canvas made from 100% polyester spun yarn. The unique construction and coating make it ideal for fine art reproduction, indoor displays, wall murals and other art décor applications.